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Internship is for 500 interns - The Software Developers Internship Programme To last for 4 months starting from the end of September 2017.

The internship is targeted at young Nigerians in Akwa Ibom who want to be software developers and contribute to the growth of technology in Nigeria.

The candidates will learn to use technologies like GIT, Docker, PHP, Continuous Integration, User Interface and User Experience design while in the program.


Lines of Code

Layers of Design


Elevated Career
Paths for all


How it Works

We get people who are interested in technology and simulate a working environment where they have to tackle real work life issues. With minimal guidiance, instinct kicks in and the best ones come out of the lot and start the second phase of the internship where the tasks get increasingly harder.

Eventually, we have a handful of the best aspiring developers who can already function in a working environment and can work with very strict and tight deadlines. They eventually get placed into companies that are looking for software developers.


We Maintain Standard
Industry Practices

. . .along with different tech career paths for our different interns all of come from different tech backgrounds and skill levels.

And we also try to provide support for the interns that finish in the top category and give recommendations so recruiting tech companies can easily reach out to them.

FRONTEND DEVELOPERS This track is for those interested in learning and mastering their frontend skills.

BACKEND DEVELOPERS This track is for those interested in learning and mastering their backend and server language skills.

UX/UI DESIGNERS This track is specially curated for interns honing their design skills in the different design fields.

PROJECT MANAGERS This area of tech is often overlooked but it is very crucial in product development.

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How to Reach Us

Lagos: No 3, Birrel Avenue, off Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

For bookings - 0700 880 8800



All enquiries, whether made through Email or Phone, would be responded to not later than 48 hours from time of receipt.