Become a better Software Developer

What is HNG Internship ?

The HNG is a 3-month remote internship program designed to locate the most talented software developers in Africa. Everyone is welcome to participate (there is no entrance exam). We create fun challenges every week on our slack channel. Those who solve them stay on. Everyone gets to learn important concepts quickly, and make connections with people they can work with in the future. The intern coders are introduced to complex programming frameworks, and get to work on real applications that scale. the finalist are connected to the best companies in the tech ecosystem and get full time jobs and contracts immediately.

Why the HNG Internship ?

We needed developers in Africa, and there were just not enough. We found that talents was hiding in different small locations all over the continent - but they needed training and exposure to best practices. The initial idea was to simply do a remote internship to find coders. We did not expect 1000+ people would apply to the internship. But we saw strongly people wanted to develop their skills, and it became a mission for us to make this happen.

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